Moorea Dolphin Expedition

Sharks and rays of the lagoon

Lagon de Moorea Lagon de Moorea

Moorea Lagoon

During the tour, we will make a stop in the lagoon, on a large white sand bank for safely swimming while watching the lagoon wildlife.


Harold and his guides are the originators of the ray observation in the lagoon at Moorea. Since 1995 they introduced their guests to the discovery of these cartilage friendly fish that are the rays :)
Do not miss the appointment with the Moorea lagoon rays!
Raies du lagon de Moorea
Observation des raies pastenagues

Blacktip shark

Safely observe these small reef sharks that are at home in our waters. The reef provides them food and protection.
Requins de récif à Moorea
Requin pointes noires
Motu privé à Moorea

Motu (Coral reef islet)

If you wish to have lunch on the motu (Coral reef islet), we can drop you off at the Coco Beach restaurant and the shuttle will bring you back to your hotel or to the Coco Beach pier.

Restaurant sur un îlot privé à Moorea