Moorea Dolphin Expedition

Encounter with the whales

Our Boat

Our boat is a 30 seats passenger boat but we carry only 12 people for the whale watching tour.
The boat is fully covered, comfortable and have the special whale watching authorization delivered by the Polynesian government.
L'oeil de la baleine

Whales « season »

From mid-July to early November, humpback whales spend the austral winter in our warm waters safe from their predators.

Sometimes we also encounter Cuvier's beaked whales and Blainville whales.

Seasonal migration

Females are always the first to arrive to give birth and care to their calf.
The males join them only a few weeks later for seducing them with their songs and for mating.
The boat is equipped with a hydrophone which enables you to hear the males singing and serenading the females.
When the calves became strong enough it is the end of their stay, the mothers and their "babies" start their long journey back to Antarctica where they will spend the austral summer and where food is abundant.
Baleine à bosses et son petit
Nager avec les baleines Baleine de Moorea Baleineau
Baleine en surface à Moorea Nageoire caudale de baleine à bosses