Private Tours

Customize your Adventure and Enjoy our boat for You and your guests Only.

Our private boat charters can be customized to you and your guests « à la carte » style on a half day or full day basis, the way you want it.

Contact us with your specific request and we will help you organize your tour. Tour start times and different add-ons can be discussed to best suit your needs.
Moorea Private Tour

Moorea Private Tour


8 passengers max
Half day (4 hours) From :
1 000.00 €

Full day (7 hours - lunch included) From :
1 500.00 €

As an option, we offer photo and video services.  See our prices ...

The departure times of the private excursion and the various additional services can be discussed to better meet your needs.  Contact us  to organize your personalized excursion.

Snorkeling gear is available on board but we recommend using your own gear if possible. Floatation devices are available if needed to be more comfortable in the water. If guests want to swim with whales, we strongly encourage good swimming and snorkeling experience before going on our whale watching tours. It can be very easy as it can be very difficult based on ocean conditions and whales behavior.
We enter the water 100 meters away from the whales per government guidelines. It is the minimum distance to swim if the whales don't move and increase the swimming distance. If unsure, our guests can observe and enjoy the animals from the boat. Our whale watching tours take place in the open ocean. Conditions can vary from day to day. If you get seasick, prepare acordingly before going on tour.